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Pensacola Old Photos Kerrigan Law Firm

We have over 200 small black and white photographs, for the most part, taken in and around Pensacola, Florida, primarily in the area where today’s Naval Air Station is located.  From some of the captions and events, we believe these photos were taken during the fall/winter of 1918 through April of 1919, making them nearly one hundred years old.

If you can provide any details regarding any of these photos, such as:

• identity of any of the individuals

• history or details of the aircraft, airships and seaplanes

• any time-specific information that would help us narrow down when these photos were taken

• information regarding camera, films or methods used to print the photos

Please contact us at:

In your email, please include:

• Your Name
• Email Address
• ID Number (#) of the Photograph(s) IMPORTANT!
• Your details about the photo.

All communication will remain private & confidential.  No information will be shared without your permission.  We thank you for any help you can provide.

NOTE: These photos are owned by, and are on loan to us by, Sandy and Dick D’Alemberte. These photos were given to them by their father, Dan D’Alemberte.  The captions (in italics under the photos) were made at the time the photo album was assembled.   Our thanks to them for sharing them with us.